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Our California Dairy

Our Story...

Welcome to our third and fourth generation dairy farms, Lockwood III Dairy, and Lemos Jerseys.

My husband is a third generation dairy farmer, and I am proud to say, our son has carried on the family heritage, and is a fourth generation dairy farmer. My husband and I purchased the dairy from his parents in 2004, and our son started his own dairy in 2017. 

Not a day goes by, without full dedication to our family businesses. My family and I are passionate about taking the very best care of the animals and land entrusted to us, and we take every opportunity to share what we're doing with you! From on-farm visits, to virtual tours, we love educating others, as to where their food comes from, and what steps we're taking to constantly improve our methods of farming, caring for the animals and the environment.

If you'd like to follow our story, feel free to check out our Facebook page Lockwood III Dairy/Lemos Jerseys &/or our instagram @phototgrapher_on_a_dairy_farm

Any questions???

Head on over to the Contact Me page, and submit your question!

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